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In this blog, together with all cybernauts Quevedo can share experiences and let the world know all joys and setbacks that a Port Wine producer daily faces. Launch a blog is one more demanding challenge adding to all others that are needed to overcome in the tough, but rewarding, reality in which a wine producer of the Douro region lives.

After many years of existence, Quevedo had the desire to share all stories that come with the different generations.

There are already a few tales involving Quevedo, and if in some years, despite of all the sweat and tiredness, is a great satisfaction experience the harvest and the transport of such perfect grapes to the winery, hoping to see once again its wine recognized by the consumers, there are other years that unexpected weather, or other diseases brutally affect the production, and let fall to the ground all the efforts of another hard work year.

In addition the great desire I have to share with you the Quevedo wine adventures, the wine and especially the Port Wine, is also the anxiety to show the Douro region, the amazing and huge landscapes where the infinite is the limit, and the history of the people that live in Douro and that every day feel the pride of living in such a remarkable region, delivering its life to such a hard, but rewarding work.

I already know Quevedo for some time and I have lived close their history and wine culture, being also obvious in Quevedo the passionate will to put this new project working, that’s why I was very excited when I was invited to participate in this project. This is an endeavor that deserves to be supported and encouraged, and I will consider this challenge fulfilled when you feel a little of what I feel when I’m near Douro and its magnificent wines.

The Port Wine is a spiritual drink, that suits at any time and any place. Its richness and diversity allows us to enjoy an excellent Vintage Port in a cold winter night near the fireplace, or drink a good chilled White Port in a summer night with friends.

The Port Wine has no secrets or age barriers, you just need to be prepared to discover all tastes and sensations that a glass of its nectar can offer you.

With my participation in this blog I hope I can help all of you to understand better the Port wine culture, and to demystify its image.

Bruno Pinto

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  1. michael grisley Friday August 8th, 2008 | reply
    Bruno, I can't wait to read and learn more about your fascinating region. Portugal is definitely a very popular wine producer right now in the United States, so your blog will be a great resource for people wanting to educate themselves about the the fantastic wines and ports being produced. Thanks!!
  2. bruno Tuesday August 12th, 2008 | reply
    Thanks Michael for your comment. It will be a pleasure to show you a little bit more about the Portugese wines and Port Wine. Regards, Bruno

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