Quevedo visiting Quinta de Ervamoira owned by Ramos Pinto

A couple of weeks ago I spent a nice week-end with some friends in Foz-Côa. This city, located in the Douro Superior, is known as the capital of the almond trees, which are very beautiful during the flowering period. Foz-Côa got some international attention in the last years because during the 90s there were found paleolithic cave paintings in the banks of the Côa river. Some paintings are located in Quinta de Ervamoira. The cave paintings were found during the preliminary works to build a dam in the Côa river. Of course, after these archaeological treasures were found, the construction of the dam was suspended. Otherwise the paintings and also Quinta de Ervamoira would be submerged.

On Sunday morning we went to Quinta de Ervamoira. This property, owned by Ramos Pinto, has an extraordinarily beautiful and wide vineyard. I have been waiting for this visit during a long time.  At the end of the tour, we had a tasting of Douro wines from Ramos Pinto: Bons Ares 2007 white, Duas Quintas 2006, Duas Quintas Reserva 2005 and Bons Ares 2006. Funny and educational, we got a better understanding of Ramos Pinto and its wines. Quinta de Ervamoira is worth a visit. Moreover, it has a very kind guide, Sónia Teixeira!

Take a look at the videos of our long lasting visit to Ervamoira. It was actually so long that some friends got upset while waiting for us in Foz-Côa. We couldn’t communicate, there is no network coverage there. Yeah, there are few but fortunately some places where you can stay unreachable!

Oscar Quevedo

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  1. Axel Probst Friday April 3rd, 2009 | reply
    Oscar, you definitely have to pass a contact for Ervamoira, since I wanted to go there in June. Looks terrific. Axel

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