Quevedo’s Douro Gin and Cocktail

The Douro Valley has been known for centuries for delivering amazing grapes to produce quality Port and wines. But in fact, the Douro has much more to offer. All over the valley you can find a wide variety of aromatic herbs. We decided to experiment with these elements and create a gin collection made of herbs from the Douro. The process is quite simple: We infused a selection of Douro herbs and juniper in 6 times distilled alcohol, resulting in fresh and balanced Dry Gins. They taste great on their own, simply adding some ice to it or you can make an exquisite Gin & Tonic. 

Our suggestion: Try our Gin in this Port Gin & Tonic and let us know what you think.

For this cocktail, we used:
30ml of Rose Port
30ml of Tonic water
1 tea spoon of Gin
1 Lemon peel
piece of rosemary

cocktail gin