Resuming harvest after rain delays in the Douro valley

Tinta Roriz vine

We are starting today the second phase of our marathon, also know as harvest. After picking up the grapes from our vineyards by the Douro river, Quinta Vale d’Agodinho, Alegria and Mós, which we finished on September 24th, we decided to make a short break before harvesting the vineyards around our town, S, João da Pesqueira. The problem was that we were visited by unwelcome rain last Sunday and it delayed the beginning of the second phase, which was scheduled for Monday. Today, Tuesday, we are harvesting with few people, only the parcel of Tinta Roriz, in Quinta da Trovisca, the only quinta where we have 100% block planting.

Grapes are showing fresh and in good conditions. Sugar level is now more concentrated than last week, though has been a little bit affected by the rain. On average, 2010 sugar level in the grapes is lower than other years. Therefore, we will have still wines with low alcohol.

What we will do with these grapes? We will make Rose Port, Douro red wine and few fun experiments!


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  1. Steve Tuesday October 5th, 2010 | reply
    Fun experiments Oscar? Do tell!
  2. oscar Wednesday October 6th, 2010 | reply
    Trovisca is a kind of experimental field for us. This is where we have our 1/2 hectare of Syrah and a nice population of Sousão. I can't say we are going to make Port Wine out of Syrah grape, because this grape is not allowed for Port, but we same ideas/wines to make I can share with you next time you come over!!

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