Roy Hersh Visiting Quevedo during The Fortification Tour of May 2009

As I wrote some posts ago, during the next months we here at Quevedo will have some offline meetings with people we use to have online conversations with.

The first of this meetings was with Roy Hersh, who come to the Douro for the Fortification Tour. Fortification Tour consists in a trip organized by ForTheLoveOfPort, with the aim of bringing Port lovers to visit the Douro Valley and Madeira. During the week that the tour lasts, this group visits several wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia and in the Douro. And of course, producers offer tastings of the best wines they have (which was exactly what we did). So this comes out to be a great opportunity for the people that join the tour and for the wineries that have their wines tasted by people that really know about wines.

This was the first time I and any of us here in Quevedo met Roy and was an honor to have him tasting our wines. Our good friend Sebastião Mesquita, from Quinta das Aranhas, also joined us and brought some Vintage Ports and a Douro wines from 2007.

Here is a video with Roy Hersh and me at the end of the tasting. Leave any questions or comments, and stay connected, very soon we will have some good news!! Click here for more photos of the tasting.

Oscar Quevedo

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