Shoot topping to improve yield

At this time of the year, in the middle of July, few weeks after grape flowering has finished, we cut the top of the shooting, sending the message to the vine to stop growing more shoots and to focus on the grapes. This way, we will improve the quality of the grapes produced. Instead of driving its energy to grow longer shoots, the vine will focus on growing better grapes. There won’t be more grapes because of this, they are the same, just works as a prioritizing message to the vine.

To better understand this, you have to look at the video above. The final result is pretty nice, the whole vineyard will look like several green and compact walls, all carefully trimmed and showing the grapes on the lower part. In the next days we expect the grapes to change color, from green to red, in a process known as Veraison. More news on that soon.


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  1. Barry Wright Friday July 13th, 2012 | reply
    Thanks Oscar, I always love to see vids like this of the winemaker's activities!

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