Some great Port Wine treasures kept secretly in American private cellars

IV Anniversary of For the Love of Port

A couple of weeks ago I was in Seattle. There were some good excuses to visit Roy Hersh:

1. to check if the weather in Seattle is so gray as people say?

2. does Roy have any other bottle in his private cellar besides Port Wine?

3. is Boeing developing a seaplane specially adapted to the hills of the Douro?

All that, besides the possibility of spending some time with Roy, was more than enough to make me go.

I had an incredible time, but the pinnacle of the trip was the Port Wine tasting on the day before my departure. We were celebrating the 4th anniversary of the For the Love of Port. BTW, congratulations team! Members of the forum or simply Port Wine lovers, we were there to share, taste and enjoy some GREAT Ports. Here is the list:

My prefarded Port of the evening was the Warre Colheita 1937, very elegant and balanced, slightly creamy and with an astonishing bright color. I want to go back to Seattle. I have to!

More photos here!


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