Summer Salad Recipe

Summer is definitively at our door. We thought it would be a good timing to share with you a fresh salad recipe to pair with our whites.

INGREDIENTS (for 6 servings):
For the SALAD:
-1 chayote(Chuchu in Portuguese)
-3 cucumbers
-2 rocha pears
-2 green onions
-Lemon juice
-200g goat cheese
-6 Cherry tomatoes
-Fresh Basil
-Fresh Oregano
-Fresh Thyme
-Fresh Coriander
-Fresh mint leaves
-3 tablespoons of Dry fruits(raisins, cranberries, almonds walnut, hazelnut)

-70ml Olive oil
-Half teaspoon Sesame seed oil
-1 tablespoon rice vinegar
-1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
-1 teaspoon Liquid honey (15 secs in microwave if needed)
-Salt and pepper

Cut the chayote, cucumber, cheese and pears in small cubes. Coat the pear pieces with lemon juice to protect them from oxidation. Slice the onions and the herbs. Add the dry fruits. Mix well the ingredients for the dressing. Add it to the salad. Add salt and pepper to your taste. Mix the salad, add salt and pepper and decorate with half cutted cherry tomatoes.

Enjoy ?? !

summer salad

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