Summer wine tastings in the Douro Museum – come over and taste Quevedo's

ima_topoThe Douro Museum is one of the most recent places of attraction for those who visit Douro. It was inaugurated last December, and since then it has received the attention of the local folks as well as tourists and researchers of the Douro Valley.

During July, the Douro Museum is promoting wine tastings every week-end, inviting the visitors for tasting Port and still wines of the region. Click here to see the schedule of each producers’ tastings. This is a good opportunity as it puts consumers and producers side by side, promoting the dialog and the exchange of ideas between those who make the wine and those who drink it.

Quevedo could not stay out of this initiative: We love to talk to the people and we want to spread out the word of wine social media, saying to all people visiting the Douro that they can follow our activities through our blog.

So next Saturday if you are visiting Portugal go to the Douro, to the city of Régua and from 10a.m. to 6p.m. come to see us. Bruno will be there waiting for you in the Douro Museum.


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