Can a Colheita be topped off with a younger Port and still be called a Colheita?

This is a recurrent theme on the specialized Port Wine forums. Whether you go to For the Love of Port or to The Port Forum, you will find this questions unanswered. Actually, I think there is no answer for this, not from the READ MORE

Racking old Port Wine; what is wrong in the photo?

You are right, the mouth of this 14,000 liter balseiro is open. It is not that often that we rack our old Ports. This is the balseiro where our Colheita 1994 has aged for several years. But now it’s time for it to READ MORE

Releasing the First Colheitas Port: Quevedo 1992 and Quevedo 1994

After having launched the Quevedo Rose Port early last week, we proudly announce two new Colheita Port Wines. Both of them were harvested in the first half of the 90s, the older in 1992 and the younger in1994. “Colheita” (harvest in English) is READ MORE