Extra virgin organic olive oil produced by Quevedo

Some years ago my sister came home and said do my father: “Hey dad, why don’t we convert the olive grove into organic production?”. My dad looked at her and replied with another question: why should we do that?”. And Cláudia said something READ MORE

First step for grape vine planting in the Douro valley

With the Christmas sale season almost over on our side, what keep us busy now is grape vine pruning and new plantings. All the orders that were scheduled to be delivered before Christmas are on the way. So it is time to look READ MORE

Works at the winery – what comes next?

This is a photo of the area around our winery. In the last weeks we have been working in this area. At the same time, in the edge, we have planted some olive trees.  My question for you is: what will we do READ MORE