2013 Harvest in the Douro – time to crush the grapes

Harvest is now underway. We were waiting for quite some time until having the feeling that grapes were in perfect conditions to be harvested. And finally we started harvesting the red grapes from our most important vineyard, Quinta Vale d’Agodinho. As I am READ MORE

What is happening in the Douro? How do you occupy yourself?

Few days ago, Simon Fisher, a new friend I met online, asked me what is happening in the Douro, right now, before Christmas. I guess some of you may know, but many others have no clue. Am I wrong? So, this is my READ MORE

Practicing the pronunciation of Quevedo in Denmark, class #2

For those who remember what happened in Denmark around 1 year ago, watch the video. I’m sure you will realize Danish people are improving their pronunciation skills. For those who don’t remember, click here first to see class #1 of pronunciation. Only after READ MORE