Tasting red Ports from 2009 harvest

This week we made the first serious tasting of our red Ports from 2009. The colours overall have surprised me by the intensity shown. The acidity in general is not very good, though we have a couple of exceptions. But I liked the balance READ MORE

The Harvest 2009 is over – some thoughts in the aftermath

Dear readers, the harvest is over. Finally! After six weeks picking up grapes at the vineyards and making wines at the winery, the hardest period of the year finished on Monday. For now only in the vineyards, because at the winery we still READ MORE

Godfrey Spence in the Douro talking about the harvest 2009

Today I met Godfrey Spence, a leading British wine educator, in the Douro. We talked for a couple of hours about Douro, Port and a little bit of everything. It was a very interesting chat. A big pleasure for me. At the end READ MORE