Tasting red Ports from 2009 harvest

Tasting red Ports from 2009 harvestThis week we made the first serious tasting of our red Ports from 2009. The colours overall have surprised me by the intensity shown. The acidity in general is not very good, though we have a couple of exceptions. But I liked the balance of the wines.

I think 2009 Ports will age quite quickly due to some lack of acidity. I am really looking forward to see how they resist to their first Winter. There were two of these 8 Ports that I liked very much. And guess what? Do you remember the doubts, questions and stress we had from the Port fermenting in the Vat #1? This was my second best Port from 2009!!! At that time, we could not really control the fermentation of this Port. It was made by itself!

Next week is time for White and Rose Port!


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  1. Jeff Sunday December 6th, 2009 | reply
    Do you guys add tartaric acid to your wines btw?
  2. oscar Saturday December 12th, 2009 | reply
    Jeff, we do in many years. In some years we don't really need but in others, such as 2009, is absolutely necessary to maintain the stability in the wines.

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