The Côa Valley and its Paleolithic carvings – Côa Museum will come soon

Cave painting of Vale do Coa

From Porto departed 20 Douro lovers for a weekend of good friends, good food, good wine and many laughs. And this time we didn’t only dive in the river (we didn’t miss the Côa!) but also in the prehistory that vibrates in Foz-Côa: we visited the Paleolithic carvings of the Côa valley, drawings of aurochs, horses and wild goats older than 20000 years.

We went to 2 out of the 3 visitable spots, the Canada do Inferno and the Penascosa; we only missed Ribeira de Piscos, but that’s a nice excuse to come back. Perhaps when the Côa Museum opens its doors, by the end of 2009.

Some weeks later, I kept in my heart the joy of seeing how an Archaeological Park, based upon such a remote past, can be the seed of the rebirth of the Alto Douro, side by side with the good Wine, Almond and Olive Oil that that land offers to the ones that love them.

We will be back!


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