The douro valley from the sky Quinta do Vesuvio, Senhora da Ribeira, Pinhão and Porto

The Douro Valley and the Pinhão villageWhen I fly to or from Oporto‘s airport I always try to grab a seat by the window. The airport Francisco Sá Carneiro is near the city center and the runway is in the direction of the city. So while taking off or landing, if the sky is clean, you can surely enjoy the city from the aircraft.

And if you are really lucky, something like one flight in one hundred, you will overfly the Douro Valley at an altitude quite low that you can pictures it from the aircraft. This is a kind of dream that just happened to me once. That time, two or three year ago, coming from Geneva, Switzerland, I could see our Quinta Vale d’Agodinho, our winery and I think I could also see my grandpa’s van. Well, maybe the last one was an hallucination, though I would swear I saw it from the little window of the plane!

Quinta do Vesúvio and Senhora da Ribeira - Douro ValleyNo, I was not the lucky guy who made this pictures. They were kindly sent to me by a big Port Lover, Axel Probst from World of Port. Axel is that kind of guy every port maker loves: knows more about Port than myself, respects and promotes Port as a knight and moreover, he is fun!

Do you have any picture those of the kind one in one hundred?

Oscar Quevedo


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  1. Anonymous Tuesday April 7th, 2009 | reply
    Wow great pics, thanks for sharing Oscar.

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