The Douro wine quiz

Do you dare to test your knowledge about the Douro valley? We worked out a quiz, together with Luiz Alberto from The Wine Hub, about the Douro valley and Port Wine. The Wine Hub provides weekly quiz about wine from different regions and countries. Take a look at the website and you may become a new fan of these quiz. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, I’m sure this will be a pice of cake!

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  1. Kern Thursday January 6th, 2011 | reply
    Gosh, only 90 %. The old problem of old people: It's statistics, stupid! But the essentials I got. Thank you Oscar for refreshing our minds!
  2. Silvio Vieira Friday January 7th, 2011 | reply
    I got 80%, Thomas... shame on you! But, I am sure that if you didn't get 100% noone will. I believe there were some dubious questions. Maybe because Oscar planted some bugs in the quiz. Abraço de saudade Sílvio
  3. Kern Friday January 7th, 2011 | reply
    Silvio, Of course I did not dare to say what you said. But both of us, you and me, know Oscar too well ... (The lacking 10 % I could not get because my brain becomes tired of figures and the for the moment I could not find the book (of Joao Paulo Martins on Port Wine) where I put it in Porto. P.S.: Tambem sinto muito falta dos nossos jantares de prova - até os vinhos que abro sentem. Espero a visita da turma bem logo, mais nao durante o inverno, por favor!
    • Oscar Quevedo Sunday January 9th, 2011 | reply
      Mr. Kern, I'm surprised you only got 90%, you have to come back to refresh your knowledge! Estamos a trabalhar na viagem da delegação até Berlim, a qual ocorrerá durante o Inverno, claro!!!
      • Kern Tuesday January 11th, 2011 | reply
        Mr Quevedo The missing superlative is due to the question on the possibly awarded points on the age of wines. This appalling lack of knowledge on my side, which I admit, is certainly due to insufficient taking care by Port quality producer. If I had the 150-points-examples to taste, I never should have chosen the wrong answer. But we certainly will work on this. Happy to welcome the Douro delegation in February! My cellar is your cellar (and vice-versa?)!
        • Oscar Quevedo Wednesday January 12th, 2011 | reply
          And vice-versa!
          • Thomas Wednesday January 12th, 2011 |
            Uiiii! Gostaria de combinar uma vista! Raaaaapidamente!!
          • Silvio Vieira Thursday January 13th, 2011 |
            Hope to be invited to your new cellar, Mr. Thomas 'Quevedo'.

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