The Farewell from Belgium, Next Year A Bloggers Dinner

Roger and Luc De Smedt and Oscar QuevedoAfter had spent the last days in Belgium doing some wine tasting, Quevedo is back home and is now time to focus on the Christmas season, the most important for the sales of Port Wine.

These days in Belgium were really fruitful; we had opportunity to provide our wine for a tasting but also to taste several wines. Some of these tasting notes can be found in Adegga. I could learn more about the strong and full-bodied Kaapzicht wines from South Africa, about the extraordinary flavor of the Daniel-Etienne Defaix wines from Chablis or the elegant Chateau La Fleur de Graves from Graves de Vayres, just mentioning some.

I must confess that this tasting would have been much better with the presence of some bloggers. Wine or food blogger of Brussels or even from all Belgium, next year we have to be more active, you have to come to this tasting, where you can find over 100 wines from 7 different countries. Well, indeed we could go further and we could organize a bloggers dinner on Saturday evening. Leave your comments and we will try to put this idea up!

Oscar Quevedo

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  1. Denise Friday November 14th, 2008 | reply
    Sounds like you had a great time! I would love to attend more blogging events on the Continent. Looking forward to the next blogger conference. Cheers, Denise
  2. Oscar Quevedo Saturday November 15th, 2008 | reply
    I am also looking forward to the II EWBC! I hope we have some news soon from Ryan, Gabriella and Robert!

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