The Harvest 2009 is over – some thoughts in the aftermath

Grapes for Oscar's 2009 arriving at the wineryDear readers, the harvest is over. Finally! After six weeks picking up grapes at the vineyards and making wines at the winery, the hardest period of the year finished on Monday. For now only in the vineyards, because at the winery we still have some musts fermenting and some juicy to fortify.

Some thoughts about 2009 Harvest:

  • generally there was few quantity per vine
  • the quality of the grapes for Port is excellent
  • the quality of the grapes for Douro wines is good, but will age early
  • it was necessary over 750 kilograms to make 550 liters (1 pipa) of wine
  • the sugar content of the grapes was high, resulting in quite alcoholic wines
  • the colors of the wines are deep and dark – some very promising Ports
  • after some years focusing only on still red wines, this year we made 2.000 liters of still white wine

Now it is your turn. Do you have any questions or comments?


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  1. Herman Gerdingh Tuesday October 20th, 2009 | reply
    Hi Oscar, Good info. I will quote you in our harvest survey to be published on November 7th. Please tell me how many kilograms a pipa you need in other years on average. Best, Herman.
  2. Oscar Quevedo Wednesday October 21st, 2009 | reply
    Thank you for quoting us Herman, always a pleasure to participate in the! On average, with around 750 kilograms of grapes we make a pipa (550 litros) of wine. This year we need over 800 kilograms of grapes to make a pipa of wine, making this a more expensive harvest than usual.

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