Three things that make the Douro special in the eyes of Thomas Kern

Between late 2009 and June 2010 I had a kind of bi-weekly ritual of organizing wine tasting dinners during which we used to discover more about the wines not only made in the Douro, but also in other regions of Portugal and of the world. In these tastings it used to participate between 8 to 10 people, all old friends I met at the university, with one exception, Thomas Kern. At that time, Thomas was the consul of Germany in Porto, and fortunately for all of us, he tremendously enriched the tastings as he knows the Douro valley producers much better than anyone of us. He was a valuable piece on these events. He is also passionate about wine and his straightforward and clear view of what is good and bad in a wine, became our tastings lessons of wine for the rest of attendees.

Unfortunately, the German consulate closed in Porto and Thomas went back to his motherland. Notwithstanding, we thought that it was important to maintain a kind of regularity in our wine tastings, even if it is only one tasting every semester and if we have to travel 4.000 km for this to happen.

So, guess where we were last week-end? Right, in Berlin hanging out with Thomas while increasing our knowledge about German white wines and Portuguese red wines. As Thomas knows very well the Douro and the Portuguese culture, as he lived there for four year, I challenged him to stand out three things that make the Douro different. Check the video and discover, what in the view of a foreigner, makes the Douro special.


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  1. Axel Probst Friday March 18th, 2011 | reply
    Very nice comment, I thought Thomas was from the press. Looking forward to seeing both of you at Pro Wein. Axel

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