Treading grapes in the lagar is not only fun but also helps to receive awards

A long night in the lagarHow many of you have already trodden grapes in a lagar? I do it at least once a year when my friends from the University come over to celebrate the harvest. We all go to Quinta das Aranhas, property of Sebastião Mesquita, a friend producer, and we enjoy for a couple of hours the warm temperatures of fermenting must. This is something that I really recommend and that you should do next September you come to the Douro.

Going back to this photo taken in 2008, yesterday, while I was presenting our wines in Warsaw, Poland, in a new wine bar that is selling our Ports (I’ll talk about that later), I got a tweet with this message: #nakedwines won online retailer of the year at the #oln awards and photo of foot treading @quevedo on the screen @thedorchester! It took me a while to understand but then I got it, our client in the UK, Naked Wines, won the award for best online retailer by Drinks Retailing Awards and on the big screen guess what? A photo of me and my friends treading grapes in a lagar!  So you know where you have to come if you want to be on the screen next time!


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