Typical Polish dish in the launching of Quevedo Ports in Warsaw

Poland is one of the east Europe countries with more potential and interest for wine producers. With over 38 million people and a very low rate of wine consumption per capita (1.56 liters in 2008), Poland shall retain more attention from the wine world. It recently got ours! Although we have exported Port Wine to this market few years ago, nothing very consistent in terms of marketing was done. But last month, we were introduced to a new project developed by Portuguese entrepreneurs, who decided to set up a wine bar/ restaurant, focusing on Mediterranean food together with Portuguese wines: Grill & Co.

I was there for the opening of the bar, presenting our Ports to the press and teaching the bar staff about Port. It was my first time in Warsaw and in the whole Poland and I must say I’m impressed by the development this country shows. Only the weather was a bit rough, hardly over 0º C, which made my tours around the hotel shorter and quicker that what I wished. Well, maybe that is a good excuse to come back for Summer time.

DSCN1568 When we talk about Poland what do you think about in terms of food? Think in a vegetable that, like the country, also starts with PO. You’re right, potatoes! If you go there, expect to eat a lot of potatoes. And actually, they are deliciously served! One of the typical dishes is kotlet schabowy z t?uczonymi ziemniakami i zasma?anymi buraczkami , or pork chop with mashed potatoes and fried beetroot. Delicious! Check out the video if and you want to cook Polish typical dish for dinner!


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  1. Ricardo Bernardo Wednesday February 9th, 2011 | reply
    Bastante interessante, o panado de porco com puré de batatas e beterraba salteada podia ter sido feito em qualquer parte de Portugal! Do video gostei da parte final na qual a Lisa enumera aquilo que pode ir bem com o panado.
  2. Ryan Opaz Monday February 14th, 2011 | reply
    Where is the recipe? :)
    • Oscar Thursday February 24th, 2011 | reply
      I don't have the recipe, in in case you want to try the English version video will definitively help you!

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