Vindouro wine fair and Port Wine auction in S. João da Pesqueira

vind09-topoAfter spending a wonderful week in Denmark, I’m back to the Douro, where this week-end took place another edition of Vindouro. This regional wine fair is attracting more and more visitors to our town. Indeed I’ve never seen so many people in S. João da Pesqueira as I saw for the fireworks last Saturday at midnight.

One of the most interesting moments of Vindouro is the Port Wine auction. This year Quevedo sent a bottle of our recently launched Quevedo Colheita 1992. Besides our Port, only three more bottles out of 16 were still on the market. All the rest were Ports never commercialized or sold out. The prices were generally high and the buyers were almost all local. It probably shows that there was an emotional interest in some of the bottles regardless its price. Here is the list of the Ports at auction and the respective prices:

The harvest is now starting and during this time of the year, as expected, we have more people around visiting the Douro. One of the very last were Ema and Nuno from Magna Casta, a Portuguese wine blog. We could not talk very long, but hopefully they will come back soon!


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