Vintage Port 2007 – Tasting at Pálacio da Bolsa

Yesterday Quevedo attended a tasting of Vintage Port 2007 for the Portuguese press and trade in the Palácio da Bolsa, in Porto. The tasting, organized  by the IVDP, by the Porto Wine Producers Association and by Essência do Vinho, got together around 50 producers only for tasting their Vintage Ports 2007.

I had already tasted some of these Vintages but yesterday I had a broader view of what the year was for the other producers. I got surprised by the consistency among almost all of them. Some lovely wines. Different styles of winemaking are pretty evident but the quality is generally high. Very high. And I am glad for that. It is good for Quevedo, it is good for the producers and it is good for the consumers. It is a positive-sum game and we should all be happy and proud of these wines.

Check the video and you will see what were my preferred Vintages. Oh, and my teeth are already back to its natural white color!


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  1. Jeff Tuesday October 27th, 2009 | reply
    Geez, now that is a dark smile!

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