What do you do when you don’t have enough wine for a tasting?

DSC_0017My two-week trip to the US is about to finish. I’m now in Charlotte on my way to Europe, Spain first and finally on Sunday afternoon I shall arrive in Porto. In the last few days I was in Los Angeles, visiting Andy Velebil, moderator at the forum For the Love of Port. Taking advantage of my visit to LA, we decided to show our wines to the wine community of LA. For that, Andy set up a tasting, at an Italian restaurant named Zucca, in downtown LA. Most of the people at the tasting were from LA county, but there were also 3 people coming from other States. Thank you Glenn, Eric I. and Eric M. for making this long way to LA, it made me really happy to be able to see you.

When I was planning which wines to present at the tasting, I didn’t have many doubts. We had to present the wines that are now being imported to the US. So the list included Oscar’s 2008, Quevedo Colheita 1996 and Quevedo Vintage 2007. I also asked my father if I could bring from Portugal our Colheita 1975, which rests at my parents cellar. He agreed.

DSC_0008 If everything had gone as planned, the wines for the event would have been shipped from our importer’s warehouse directly to LA and I would bring the 1975 with me from Portugal. But there was a small issue. Part of the wines for the tasting were delayed in Indiana at the morning of the tasting. Andy and I panicked when we realized we wouldn’t have enough bottles of Oscar’s for the tasting. Only two bottles were with us. It What a nightmare, we invited 20 people to taste our wines and we didn’t have enough wine. With few options left, we decided to go to one of the biggest retailers in LA, K&L, to buy some Douro wine with a similar profile as Oscar’s. There were no many options and we finally decided to go for Crasto 2007. People at the tasting understood the situation and I think they actually found it interesting to taste these two wines side by side. I swore them I was not being paid by Quinta do Crasto to promote their wines in the US, actually they have a pretty good marketing team. The most important was to have wines for tasting!


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  1. Arnie Monday July 5th, 2010 | reply
    GREAT night. Thanks again. +1 for the 1975. Arnie

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