What is happening in the Douro? How do you occupy yourself?

Winter in the Douro Valley

Few days ago, Simon Fisher, a new friend I met online, asked me what is happening in the Douro, right now, before Christmas. I guess some of you may know, but many others have no clue. Am I wrong? So, this is my reply to Simon’s question:

Hi Simon, the Douro is pretty cold these days. Actually, it’s snowing now, for the first time this Fall. Vines are dormant and ready for pruning, while wines are naturally cleaning, as lower temperatures bring solid parts to the bottom of the barrels, so they will soon show bright and clean colors. What keep us busy now is the Christmas season. Everybody drinks Port for Christmas and some also use it for gifting.

Late last week my sister Cláudia and I were tasting all our range White Ports, including the special Colheita aged in oak. It was fun! This week we will bottle our first blend of 20 Year Old Port.

I guess you have to come over and see our we spend our time. And maybe you can also help us giving us your opinion about our wines!!


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