What is TCA – cork taint and how t-cork is made

In spite of the important role that corks play in the wine show, we have not talked that much about it on our blog. As you may know, cork is a natural product coming from the bark of cork tree. When I was visiting Amorim’s T-cork stopper unit few weeks ago, I thought it was the right time to share images here. For the ready for drinking Port Wine, we use a bar top cork, reusable, very easy to pull out and put in again, perfect for those who have to pour by small glasses like bartenders. The video underneath shows, in very quick and barely understandable way, how is this cork made.

On the top you can find a short interview to Hugo Mesquita, Sales & Marketing Director at Amorim’s RARO Unit. The question I asked him was what is TCA, or cork taint, that from time to time spoils a bottle of wine. Take a look and leave your comments and share your experiences!



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