Which tools to open a bottle of wine?

Here are some tools you can use to open your wine/Port bottles. Which one do you prefer?

-The 2 step corkscrew is definitively the most versatile and easy tool to use.
With older wines, it can be tricky, as the cork gets softer or sticks to the glass inside the neck. With the corkscrew it can often break in 2.
-The twin blade(Ah-So) is very useful to open old bottles or if you want to preserve your cork for your collection. Here is a cool link on how to use it
-The Port Tong is another great tool to open old bottles as you heat the glass by its contact, so it can break easily by applying very cold cloth. It requires more preparation but it is always a joy to hear the cracking of the glass.
I did a video a few years ago on how to use them, follow this link


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