Wine Spectator featured our video "How to make Port Wine"

The video we made some months ago, “How to make Port Wine” was shorted and is finalist on Wine Spectator video contest. First, Wine Spectator asked for submissions; then, they selected nine videos for the big final, and now is the time for the public to elect the winner. I don’t really know how close or far are we of winning this competition. All I know is that I really need your help to make it to the first place.

Please take a look at all videos that Wine Spectator selected and vote for one! I hope the one of your preference is that  related to Port Wine 😉 The deadline for voting finishs on Sunday, September 18th. 2nd and 3rd place are annouced on 19th and the winner on the 20th. So please vote and spread the word!


P.S. We failed to win this contest. The winner was “Zinfandel – Paso’s wine”, which in my opinion well deserves this prize. At least in one thing we did not fail, in put the name Port among Wine Spectator featured videos!

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