Wines from Quevedo on the Press

2015 was the best year ever for our family business. Actually, I did not want it to finish! And the cherry on the top of the cake arrived few weeks before Christmas when the latest reviews from the American magazines were published: Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine & Spirits. For those that like these ratings, here are the results:

  • Quevedo LBV 2011 – 93 points Wine Advocate
  • Quevedo 30 Year Old White – 93 points Wine Advocate
  • Quevedo Crusted – 90 points Wine Advocate
  • Quevedo Vintage 2013 – 90 points Wine & Spirits

Prior to the publication of these reviews, other publications had tasted and reviewed our wines and Ports. On the image above you can find the most relevant reviews given to our wines throughout 2015.

But, before I finish, let me remind you of this: You, dear lonely consumer, are the most important wine critic of all. Without you, we wouldn’t exist.



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