Colheita Port

Colheita is a single harvest Tawny Port. This means that Colheita ages in cask for a minimum period of seven years in order to develop a browner color and to be influenced by the slow oxidation that occurs when Port is in contact with oak. Being located in the upper part of the Douro valley, where yields are low and tannins last longer, Colheitas made by Quevedo show a fruit character and are quite full bodied when they are young. As the time goes, the tannins get smoother and the fruit gives space for some spices and nutty flavours to come out. At this point they get complex and rich. We can bottle make Colheita every year, and we can bottle it as long as it is seven or more years old. A Colheita from a certain year can vary enormously depending on the year it was bottled. The more it ages in cask the less fruity flavours and tannins it will have as in the bottle the absence of oxygen slows down the evolution.

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