White and Rose Ports

In this page you will find more versatile and flexible Ports. Those that can be drunk on their own or that can easily be used in cocktails or simply served on the rocks.

White Ports is a floral and smooth Port that goes down very easily. It is made exclusively from white grapes, the traditional from the Douro and is bottled when it has two or three years old.

Under the Fun Ports we include the Rose Port as well. Our beautiful Rose Port is made exclusively with ted grapes, fermented at cool temperature to preserve the delicate fresh fruit flavours that we obtain from the very short contact of the juice with the skin of the grape. It is very smooth, and terribly easy to drink. If you are not too conservative about Port you may really like it.

Serving suggestions: serve Fun Ports slightly chilled, on their own, on the rocks, or if you are up to something more creative try to make a cocktail. Here is one that we made recently.

Pink Passion Cocktail

When temperatures go up there's nothing better than enjoying a cool cocktail outside. Open up the terrace or go to the garden and relax with friends. Are you looking for something that works for you and that can surprise your friends? Then you should definitely try this fruity cocktail.

Ingredients and preparation for 4 glasses

  • 100 grams of fresh strawberries
  • 100 grams of fresh raspberries
  • 1 cup strawberry lemonade
  • 200 ml Quevedo Rose Port
  • 300 ml Sparkling water


Add all ingredients together in a blender. Mix everything for 1 minute at the lowest speed, for the best results. Serve in long cocktail glasses with strawberry on the top of the glass and enjoy!